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It's a story that just happened. It's about a woman who left all other Profession in this world including her university certificate to become a shoe maker . During my brief interview with her, I could view in her a champion mindset with self belief. She said " Nobody told me to go into shoe making, it was an easy...
If there's total love amidst we human being, most of the challenges we face today would be eluded but because our love to one another is hindered, it's difficult for nature itself to be free. From relationship angle, many people in it believes the love should be one sided (the love should be coming from the opposite sex) which...
If you don't try, you can never discover new things, and when you fail in the process, it's an opportunity to be better. Many times as human, we do our best according to other peoples definitions, theories and acts. It took me several years to define my gift as a speaker and a writer. Though, I'm still developing but...
  I once understand that when you see an opportunity to explore,  please give it a chance because that may be your turning point.  It comes through different trials types which may seems too tough for you to handle but understand that your capability to cope during this period  will rightfully define your deep strength. It's a must that trials...
She's stronger which I believe it's not debatable. She's the most beautiful gift humanity could ever have. Her elastic limit is beyond the reach of a man. She's broken, wounded, threatened ,victimized, disappointed, disgraced, stretched beyond endurance limits, but still she never give up while still hoping for miracles. Her inner strength is extraordinary, though with seven bones as...
There's a mindset of champions that always gives them an edge, it's their refusal to accept average or ordinary that puts them in a place of unprecedented distinction. Circumstances and challenges had made human mindset weakened and chatted. Many people don't even want to move out of their comfort zone due to obstacles they've encountered at an advantage to...
  It’s of a truth that I can be whatsoever I choose to be, I can sour higher like an eagle even with its eyes being mine (I can turn my vision into reality). That I can still look afar and know where I’m moving my wheels on any hard surface. That even if I fail in my struggles and...
Keep trying




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