Are you in the right frame of mind On how you train /groom your child in becoming a better person ?, This and many more are aspects where most Parents had missed their chances on their children. Majorly in the part of the world where i came from (Africa), many patents egolistically train their children to what they want and not what those children can be. Cases like because the father is a Medical practitioner, the child must be too forgetting that this kind of tradition has turned many youths to be a waste and underachiever in their professions and environs.

The idea of a man marrying More than one wife in order to give birth to many children is a rampant case too. My duty as a parent is to guide my Child through the course of life without attaching any selfish reasonings. ARE YOU ? What has been your reasoning in giving birth to children? Are you bearing them to raise a better generation or their birth happens as a result of your drive for unprotected sexual intercourse? I was priviledge to Speak with some elites as one of them asked a question, “Does it mean a parent of a child can’t choose a profession for him/her ?, I replied, No !!. NO in the sense that parents can only guide their children to success and not their success.

You may be the most blessed family on the planet earth and your heirs not successful. Its not the name you bear nor connections you have, but how you guide your children. You guidance will give them more understanding to life and its purpose. Another person asked, does it mean we should not spend money On our children ? I replied yes, meaning we can spend money on them but not all money spent is sensible Compared to knowledge which is more essential .

Another question asked was, are you saying we should not give birth to many children even if we are more than capable, I replied yes, meaning you can give birth to as many children as you want if truly you are capable and the motive behind it should not be a selfish one. This write-up was purposely made for more understanding on how to make our children be more better. You can channel your questions and suggestions to the mail box ( and your support for videos broadcast on YouTube and other medias would be appreciated

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Olusegun olukoya is my name. An African from a super family. Studied Biochemistry in the university and have utmost passion for the human gifts, relationships and marriage while we keep expanding in life till we make a better world.


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