For you to attain your next stage of success,  you have to resume higher responsibilities.. Where you from nor your skin colour do not ascertain how successful you can be,  but your adaptation to task and challenges ahead.

Major odds will be staked against you but your resistance and assimilation will be the reason will be the reason why you’ll still be standing.  Listening to people on the verge of your of your breakthrough  won’t make you live and will make your attitude to greatness be compromise.

Your success is your own and can never be for another person. Human being will tell you not to do things,  not because it’s dangerous or hard,  but because they too wants to try the same thing knowing fully well that you can do it better.

Don’t allow anybody to make you feel you are nobody. Time will come that you will suck at things, loose and be embarrassed  but when you keep working hard and fully focused,  you conquer all odds.

It’s festive season and many are already keyed into it. You need to make yours count too. Yeah!!!,  you might not have achieved all what you’ve bargained for,  but still,  count yourself worthy of trying.  My target was to reach out to at least 55countries  through my blog but my chart could still show me 39countries (8 africans, 7 Europeans,  6 North and 9 south Americas,   9 asians, ). This is still a TRY.

You can still checkmate yourself and view how more you can progress.  Above all,  I wish everyone JOY.

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Olusegun olukoya is my name. An African from a super family. Studied Biochemistry in the university and have utmost passion for the human gifts, relationships and marriage while we keep expanding in life till we make a better world.



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