She’s stronger which I believe it’s not debatable. She’s the most beautiful gift humanity could ever have. Her elastic limit is beyond the reach of a man. She’s broken, wounded, threatened ,victimized, disappointed, disgraced, stretched beyond endurance limits, but still she never give up while still hoping for miracles. Her inner strength is extraordinary, though with seven bones as its been recorded but vulnerable when deem it fit. She stand as shield in phases of attacks in her home and very sensitive too. No wonder, she’s been referred to as a foundation to great and successful homes.

Have you ever wondered the great love between mother and child irrespective of how cruel the child is?, How she keep loving her husband in phases of misfortune?, Her love to parents regardless of the distance apart?, and her expanding support when needed. She goes extra mile to satisfy whatever thing she cares for.

Is it how she fight destiny for her child to be born?, how she raise standards in ragging storms around her?, the wisdom bestowed upon her in solving issues?, or how she manage her home in the phase of lack!!!. That is why she is called a NATION.

Encourage a woman today, show to her your love, let her know she’s the only one, sing for her a love song, roll her in your arm and tell her she is a gift and the most beautiful creature you ever know. You may be saving her life for another day.

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Olusegun olukoya is my name. An African from a super family. Studied Biochemistry in the university and have utmost passion for the human gifts, relationships and marriage while we keep expanding in life till we make a better world.



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