Homes should be reflection of who we are,
how is your home?
Fathers and mothers should be of one voice,
Is there peace amidst them?
Panicking and trembling in children’s mind,
Are they(children) proud of their homes?
Father is always at fault,
Is the mother a saint?
Children are negatively exposed and damaged,
Do parents have time for them?
My wife is not sexy again, doesn’t listen, very egoistic and never submissive,
Have you been treating her well?
My husband drinks, smoke and fornicate a lot,
Have you taken your precious time to pray for him?
I’ve never enjoyed my marriage since I married him,
What was your holding point before you married him?
I’ve been the only one financing the home,
Who made is that way?
My husband keep beating me since we’ve been married,
Who was he or did you took your time to know him before acceptance?

Many more are questions been asked in many homes nowadays. But the good news is, there’s always a second chance. Keep searching and you get there. It’s generationsvoiceonline and I remain Olusegun olukoya

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Olusegun olukoya is my name. An African from a super family. Studied Biochemistry in the university and have utmost passion for the human gifts, relationships and marriage while we keep expanding in life till we make a better world.



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