Never make human your rescue


It’s the story of a single brother who believed that when married, things will change for better through the good fortune of his wife. He was a staff in one of the leading African banks, well paid and very compassionate. He got married and after a half decade, things fall apart. He started blaming his wife until both of them went their separate ways. Though, his target was immediately he get married, his fortune should be more than how he was when single but it was not.

Many homes and their purpose of marriage is based on optimism. People are very optimistic in what they will get when married to their partner neglecting that he/she is not a demi-god. Major homes crumble and fail because of the foundation it’s built upon. The more you find your rescue in man, the more you jeopardise your future. Dissolution occurs when we rest our hope in someone and later, it happens not.

Your partner is a human that needs your comfort and love and not you expecting total comfort from him/her. There’s still chance to make things beautiful while you rightfully raise your seeds and generations because that is where most problems generate from. More write-ups will be coming in my next visit and my new book titled MARRIAGE FOUNDATIONS is almost out, so watch out. It’s generationsvoice and I remain Olusegun Olukoya.


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Olusegun olukoya is my name. An African from a super family. Studied Biochemistry in the university and have utmost passion for the human gifts, relationships and marriage while we keep expanding in life till we make a better world.



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