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Many times when life seems unbearable and and we human believes we still need to hang in its tragedy for a good result, remember we all have a choice. Sharing issues and thoughts with counselors major times pays well from uncompromising decisions we make for good.

There was a time when she was doing good and was happy. Suddenly, She was lonely sad and unhappy, which is what happens sometimes in our lives(These times, you need someone to be close to), till when she allowed depression to set in and everything seems uncontrollable. We look around today and we see different disturbing cases of illnesses among people.

Note, you can’t meet many people physically the same time but you can communicate to many people the same time. That is how Generations voice was made as an escape route. A page where you share your thought( be it family issues, relationships, marital struggles and others) and a counselor among others is waiting to receive from you and to give back a sustainable idea on how to move on

I believe in hope and it’s easy to feel it in seasons. There would be quiet Dark days ahead which is very normal. Days that you will feel of these things and that is when hope is needed most. No matter how hard it gets or how lost you feel or mistakes we make, believe and hold on to hope while keeping it alive.

You have to be greater than what you suffer and my wish for all is to became hope. Even if you fail, what better way than to live for there comes a hopeful season.